Monday, June 22, 2015

Harmony Hill 2015

My brain has just stopped working today. We went to Harmony Hill last week and it's the first year I've gone with the girls that I really didn't take any pictures. I enjoyed just watching the memories happen instead of trying to capture them (I was going to add- all on film- but I don't think that applies anymore.) :)
We've been having a busy summer. We are trying to get ready to move and have had some traveling throw in the mix with all the packing. I have really had a lot of opportunities to practicing not getting overly uptight and just going with the flow of things. I haven't always succeed, but at least there have been a few times where I was able to remain cool and laid-back when I would normally feel my chest tightening with panic. Hurricane Bill coming through the area the one week of the year I live in a tent was a good example of that. Water Everywhere. Mess Everywhere. Non-organized tent. Stinky, wet clothes Everywhere. And through it all I just kept reminding myself that it was supposed to clear up by Thursday and I would have time then to get it all put back together. And I did and it was all ok. So I get to count that one as a victory. Yay for calmness!
I miss blogging but I can't promise that I'll be posting regular yet. It's a season of life where I'm needing to let some things go for a while and the blog is one of those things. But I'll be back. Someday.

There are no pictures of Elaina because I basically never see her when we are at HH. She's too busy socializing'. 

Thursday, May 07, 2015

Internet and Buttons

We are in the process of trying to buy a house. Every couple of days I'm having to e-sign this and scan that. Yesterday, I had to scan a copy of the earnest money check to our realtor and a copy of a tax document to our mortgage lady. I sat down to load the documents on the printer and noticed a pajama shirt of Claire's that she had left on my desk. The button had come off and so I grabbed my sewing basket and started sewing it back on while I waited for the printer to do its thing. I guess I should explain here that we have the worst possible Internet and therefore tasks that should take three minutes end up taking thirty. So anyway, I had some time to work on the button and the irony of the situation struck me. Here I was, using modern technology to scan and email papers, and sign important documents, but at the same time, I was utilizing a sewing basket to repair my family's clothes. A sewing basket that held the same items that women 100+ years ago used to fix and repair their families' clothing. And there was something very sweet and comforting in the whole scenario. Yes, the world changes and gets faster and more convenient and trickier, but there are some things that technology just cannot do. And I know that there are machines that sew on buttons, but there aren't machines that can give the time, love, and attention to my children or my husband like I can. They can't provide for them in the way that I can. They can't pray for them. They can't hug them or kiss them. So there are some things that time doesn't and/or cannot change. And it seems that those things are the best things.

So take that technology. You aren't as swell as you sometimes seem to think that you are. 


P.S. But if you could use your fanciness  and tricky ways to speed up the Internet at my house, that'd be great. 

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

A Poem of Sorts

blinking cursor
what to write
nothing new
boring blog

busy all the time
seems like there should be things to report
isn't life funny that way
busy yet not

Nora in bed with me
Jason in Florida
Claire in bed with Eily
Audrey in bed with Elaina

Except I think the older two are not
I think they are writing a newspaper
but I closed the door and said goodnight
they can sleep late in the morning
seems like a fun memory

Monday, February 23, 2015

Snowy Days

I thought we were going to sneak by this winter without having to deal with a snow storm. I was wrong. But honestly, it hasn't been that bad. The rumor was that we were going to have a very heavy winter with all kinds of precipitation, so I planned ahead. I bought snowsuits. I bought proper snowshoes. I bought gloves that don't make your hands cold when they get wet.
And then we got spring all winter long. And I was totally ok with that. I loved it, to tell you the truth. But as I stood at our front door this afternoon, smelling the hot cocoa and soup on the stove top and watching the big, beautiful flakes just keep falling while Jason and the girls had a snowball fight in the front yard, I decided I was thankful that the snow came. I was thankful that we were able to use the snow clothes at least once. I was thankful that Jason felt well enough to go outside for a bit. I was thankful for a sweet, homey environment that our fun, old house seems to just keep on providing.
It was a good day and one that will make me grin when I think back on it.

Thursday, February 19, 2015


You know what's a crazy job? Being a mom. Of course it's great; I'm not trying to complain. I'm just saying...sometimes it's like being in a twirly ride at the fair. Three to four people asking you a question at the same time or asking for help, or just talking to you about something they find interesting. It's all good and lovely but I can get a little dizzy. So I have found a win-win solution.

I drink a lot of water.

The more I drink, the more often I have to make trips to the bathroom. The more bathroom trips, the more moments of quiet I can fit into my day. They are small moments, but they are precious. 

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Meet the Sacrans

Hi there. We are the Sacran family.

My name is Rebekah.  I'm the Mama Bear and I like things neat and orderly. I like to decorate rooms in my mind, I like to solve Algebra problems, and here lately, I like to eat two eggs fried in coconut oil with some avocado on the side every morning for breakfast. I do not like pancakes, cucumbers, or folding laundry.

Jason is our Papa Bear. He's an artist, a hugger, and resident picture hanger-er. He likes art, movies, our kids, and soup. He does not like algebra, raw onions, or tying shoelaces.

We have four little female cubs.

Elaina is the eldest. She's tall like her Daddy and skinny beyond reason like her two grandmothers were at her age. She loves art, eating food, and sports. She has a heart the size of Texas and will do everything in her power to make everyone around her feel appreciated and loved. She does not like tomatoes, ballet, or making people mad.

Claire is the oldest-middlest. She's built and colored a lot like her mama. She has a natural mothering instinct, a great eye for color and design, a very dramatic flair for all things fashionable, and is as sassy as can be. (Bless her beautiful hide :) Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, anyone?) She dreams of being a ballerina. She does not like t-ball, mushrooms, or being quiet.

Eily (eye-lee) is the youngest-middlest. She has somehow remained tiny, even as she continues to grow. She loves black olives, washing dishes, and doing schoolwork. She can fold laundry and sweep a floor like nobody's business. She does not like scary music, having a messy room, or waking up early.

Nora is the littlest and "though she be but little, she is fierce!" She is all things energetic and loud. She's almost caught up to her older sister in clothing size and she loves to change those clothes forty times a day. She also likes to eat a lot of bananas, and do any and everything with her daddy. She does not like going to bed, vegetables, or being left out of anything.

We are the Sacrans. We are loud at times, we always have a lot of laundry (thanks for that, Nora), and we have our moments of disagreements. But we are so fond of each other, have the best time being each other's friends, and love to live our lives together.